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Did you draw these?

Yes. I only sell products with original artwork I've created. These are only available through my shop, not anywhere else.

Do you combine shipping on multiple items?

Yes. If you buy more than one of the same type of print, they will be combined in the same package for significant savings on shipping.

What if there's a problem with the product?

Feel free to contact me and I'll work with you to come up with a resolution. I do take returns but I will not reimburse any shipping costs.

Custom and personalized orders

If you're looking for a specific size, framing or a special kind of print that isn't in my store, I can certainly put together a custom order for you.

Do I have to pay customs/duty/import fees? 

USA customers: No additional fees will be applied after the sale. I handle all exporting and customs across the border so you don't get surprised with hidden charges.

International customers: Please check your local laws in regards to customs charges. (Depending on the amount, your order may actually be exempt from these fees)

What kind of paper do you use? What about Giclée?

All art prints are on premium 300gsm archival paper specially designed for printing artwork (ie. the good stuff). The printmaking process is Giclee (sprayed ink) with high quality archival inks applied with professional equipment.

On some listings I offer basic prints which are on photo grade paper - these are marked CLEARLY in the listing. Exact gsm varies between my partners but typically ~200gsm is the average weight. (ie. not the flimsy stuff in the office)

Are shipments tracked?

For most print listings:
All Canada and USA shipments are tracked.
International shipments are only tracked if valued over $100CAD.

What's with the giant watermarks on the photos?

Unfortunately there are bots and scammers that rip listings and sell garbage to unsuspecting buyers. While I cannot prevent that, a watermark provides some basic protection for my products and at least informs people that I'm the original artist.

*Note that watermarks DO NOT appear on the final product.